Audacious is about nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in Dunedin students. it's not about 'audacious ideas', it is about being audacious by taking up the challenge of starting a business.

With our Semester Two workshops just completed, our Polytech and University students are about to submit their entries for judging.

There are 160 students from a variety of disciplines signed up for information, so we are hoping for an excellent batch of business ideas this semester.

Success comes in many forms, and developing a business is as much about the journey as it is making a profit.

That is what Jason Leong has found eight years after starting a company from a business plan presented at Audacious.

Over 1000 schools worldwide are using a digital learning resource developed by an Audacious Challenge winner.

Education Perfect, based in Dunedin began as a language tool to help students with vocabulary retention, and has since expanded into English, maths and science modules. It’s fun, competitive effective, and supports key achievement standards.

Abbe Hyde loves being an entrepreneur

Before she even graduated with her Master of Commerce from the University of Otago, she had already investigated and set up several business ventures, starting with peer-to-peer furniture trading as a team entry in the Audacious Challenge 2014.

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