Audacious offers a broad programme of events throughout the year, designed to support, inspire and test startup entrepreneurs and their ideas.



How It Works

The Audacious Programme has a different strands to it, of which the most well known is the Audacious Business Challenge.  But you do not have to enter into the Challenge to gain business know-how, and advance your entrepreneurial curiosity.  For example, join Audacious to learn about the foundational steps for a business start up; meet Dunedin business people and seek advice and mentoring for your business idea, or get involved with some industry 'reverse pitching'.   Outside all the events, you have access to the Startup Space/Distiller right on Campus (a place to meet and mingle with others in business or starting up, to study, or hold your own workshops). See The Distiller for more information.

The 2018 Launch, 13 March at 6 PM at Te Wao Nui, Otago Business School

The 2018 Audacious Launch was a success.  80 students, Academics and Dunedin Business people joined us for this interactive session launching the 2018 season.

Strand 1: Workshops

Workshops with Audacious are designed to help you with the development of your business idea. Workshops are group sessions, presented by business people. Bring all your questions along about that evening's topic and have them answered by our experts. Audacious provides you plenty of opportunities to get to know some fantastic local business people and these workshops are the perfect opportunity to network, share ideas, challenge your thinking, and provide input to others' ideas.  Workshop 1 on March 20th gave the opportunity to meet Andrew Wallace, a multi-talented repeat winner of Audacious through his students and to introduce Reverse Pitching with Sherman Weatherall from Agility. Don't miss Workshop 2 on Tuesday 27th March in the same lecture hall as the first one, H603,Otago Polytechnic where also number 3 on 24th April and Workshop number 4 on 8th May will be hosted.

Strand 2: Reverse Pitching

Established businesses have problems to deal with all the time - here's where you can help by applying the theory you have learned in class, your experience and knowledge, or, your own audacious, bold, challenging, innovative and creative ideas!We will find some willing local businesses, who will pitch their 'problem' to you, and you come up with solution (a realistic solution). This is a great way to connect with a business, and possibly create an ongoing career opportunity for yourself.  Or at least, contribute to another business's success.  What goes around, comes around...and you too may need this help in future. The first Reverse Pitching on 20th March gave a short introduction to the Agility problems they want help with. The second Reverse Pitching session is April 10th, the third on May 1st and Fourth on May 15th will be hosted in H603 Otago Polytechnic.

Strand 3: Business Coaching

Want to talk through your idea with someone one-on-one? One of the Audacious team members will set up times at the Distiller, or students can organise appointments direct with an Audacious nominated business mentor. Semester 1 and Semester 2 (with Audacious team member) 2018 dates to be advised You are welcome to contact Thomas (Co-Manager, Audacious) at and make a time to call in to the office.

Strand 4: The Audacious Business Challenge

This is where the rubber hits the road.  You have an idea, you have developed it in Semester 1, you have written up a business plan, and you have further  developed it through the workshops and interaction in Semester 2 with the business community, University and Polytechnic experts, Now, you get to pitch your idea to a Taniwha Den and submit a more detailed business plan - and be up to win some awesome business resources and support from the Audacious community. 

 Round One Workshop and Reverse Pitching Dates, 2018  

Tuesdays 5pm.  Venue: H603 Otago Polytechnic, 6th Floor Main Building

Dates for 2018


Topics  (subject to change)

20 March

Workshop 1

Reverse Pitching 1

How to find an idea/ Building a team/Startup Weekend overview

 A corporate is presenting a problem for the students to solve

27 March

Workshop 2

Value proposition/  Business Model

10 April

Reverse Pitching 2

A new Business brings new problems to solve.

24 April

Workshop 3

Competitor analysis/ market validation

1 May

Reverse Pitching 3

team work on solving corporate problem

8 May

Workshop 4

Pitch training and Taniwha Den warm up 

15 May

Reverse pitching 4

A well established company present it's problem to the students for solving.

Last Day to submit your Business Plan

17 May by email to

Taniwha Den

22 May - H603 - Otago Polytechnic - 5-7 PM.

Round 2 Launch Evening

 July - The HUB Otago Polytechnic - 5-7 PM.


Round Two Workshops and Reverse Pitching Date, 2018

Tuesdays 5pm.  Venue: H601 Otago Polytechnic - 5-7PM

11 and 18 September . Venue: Puna Kawa Otago Polytecnhnic start at 5pm




31 July

Workshop 1


Team building, Ideation


7 August

Workshop 2

Legal/ IP prtection

14 August

Workshop 3

Branding/ Sales and pitching/ Competitor analysis

21 August

Workshop 4

Business Pitching, Business Plan Development

4 September

Reverse Pitching Summary

Update on existing Reverse Pitching problems

11 September

Taniwha Den Pitching practice 

Presentation of your Business Plan


Round Two Taniwha Den - Business Pitching Challenge

18 September 

Round Two Awards Night

25 September venue: Te Wao Nui Otago University School of Business - 5-7PM.

Reverse Pitching presentations.