The Challenge

Are you an entrepreneur at heart?

Audacious Challenge

The Challenge is split into two rounds:

  1. Round One, where entrants begin to explore a startup business idea and submit a business plan/lean canvas which is then assessed and students receive feedback from the Audacious team. This will be due on the 31st of August.
  2. Round Two is where entrants further develop their business idea and have the opportunity to pitch their idea to our Taniwha Den of judges. 

The Challenge is based on the Lean Canvas.

If you are interested in joining the Challenge, email to register your interest, and to be kept up to date with event happenings and key dates.

Workshop Resources 

When learning new information, it can be hard to keep on top of it all and trying to remember everything can be near impossible! For this reason, we have set up a google drive that will house all workshop frameworks, recordings and slides (when possible). The Audacious drive can be found HERE!

Team Builder

We encourage all Audacious entrants to work in teams of people with complementary skills.  This is ideal for sharing ideas, and potentially creating a stronger business concept.   So if you are looking for a team member, or looking to join a team, use our Team-Builder function to post an ad  Team Builder or head to our team builder Facebook page HERE

You may also enter as a solo Audacious Challenger.


Audacious has been well supported over its ten years, by a diverse group of local business people representing  different industries, and contributing their knowledge to judging students' business ideas and plans. Check out the list of recent business participants on the Judges page.


In semester 2, we are upping the stakes and will be offering 15k worth of cash prizes!!  Students entering the Audacious Challenge can also receive generous packages to develop their business idea. In 2017, along with seed funding from Otago Community Trust for the top three challenge winners, principal sponsors included Vodafone (mobile phone and plan); Webb Farry (legal and tax advice package); and Firebrand (website support).

Awards Evening

This is a celebration of all the participants, a show case of the winners of the Audacious Challenge, and acknowledgement of the students and businesses in the Reverse Pitching strand of the Audacious Programme. This will be held on the 26th of September for Semester 2 entrants. 


Workshop 1 - Problem Discovery - 3rd Aug, Commerce Building G.02

This workshop will focus on tools to help with ideation and solutions to effectively approach a problem 

BONUS WORKSHOP - Intellectual Property - 7th Aug, Commerce Building G.19, 5.30pm

Workshop 2 - Team building & Lean Canvas - 8th Aug, Commerce Building G.02, 5.30pm

This workshop will be structured to allow student to pitch their new ideas and form new teams. It will then dive deeper into the lean business canvas to understand how a business might be built around a given idea.  

Workshop 3 - Market Validation - 15th Aug, Commerce Building G.02, 5.30pm

In short, market validation is the act of simply proving that people want what you plan to offer them. We will walk you through techniques and strategies to effectively achieve this.

Workshop 4 - Minimum Viable Product - 22nd Aug, Commerce Building G.02, 5.30pm

minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed to test early adoption and effectiveness of your solution.

Workshop 5 - Growth - 5th Sept, Commerce Building G.02, 5.30pm

This workshop will focus on how to grow your startup in the early stages after product launch.

Workshop 6 - Growth - 12th Sept, Commerce Building G.02, 5.30pm

This workshop will walk students through moving into an international market.

Workshop 7 - Pitch Practice - 19th Sept, Commerce Building G.02, 5.30pm

This workshop is designed to make sure students are ready for the Taniwha Den Pitch

Taniwha Den

Entrants will pitch their business idea to the judges in a Taniwha Den setting.

Each team will have 5 minutes to pitch their idea, followed by 10 minutes of questions and feedback from the judges.