The Why

You never know where a good idea will come from.

Here for the CV boost 

Employers are looking for innovation, creativity and team work. Audacious can help you tick that box. No idea? No problem. Get in touch. We’ll help make your CV stand out.

Here for the hustle

You’ve got an idea. You want to be your own boss. You’re the next unicorn. You want to make real money on the side and start your business while you’ve still got the saftey net of your student loan. The hustle is real. This is for you.

Here to make an impact

You want to make a change. You’ve fallen in love with a problem or a gap in your community or you’ve got a social enterprise dream. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you.

Here for the coin

You’d like some cash. Straight up, here for the prize. Ideas come from everywhere and anywhere. Get your flatmates together, come up with the gold, we’ll let you pitch. I mean, that’s what being audacious is about.