Winner 2012: RYAN EVERTON

Ryan Everton won the Audacious 2012 Challenge with his good idea, but since then his reuse and recycle business has taken off here and overseas.

Posted: Wednesday July 5, 2017

Dr Kim Chilman-Blair, First Audacious Winner 2006!

 Kim won the first Audacious Challenge in 2006 with Medikidz - a business idea that went on to earn support from Warehouse founder Stephen Tindall, and has since gone global.

Posted: Friday June 30, 2017

There is nothing like entering the Audacious Challenge to help pinpoint and articulate what you are trying to achieve.

So says Annabelle Molloy, whose babysitting service initially did not make the top 40 in the 2012 Challenge, then made it in to the top 15 proposals after she refined her pitch, successfully persuading the judges about her business idea.

Posted: Monday June 12, 2017

Know your market, and research your consumers.

Paul Allen, who is moving on after five years as the Audacious coach, says if there’s one thing that business set-ups need to understand more than anything else, it’s to recognise what the potential customer needs.

Posted: Monday June 12, 2017

Round One Winners

Exciting new business ideas from our students.

Posted: Friday June 2, 2017

Audacious 2016 winners

Sam Beattie and Henry Fitz-Gerald are keen for New Zealanders to get Sorted.

Posted: Tuesday December 20, 2016

2016 Second Place

Health and safety is an increasingly important issue for the building industry, in New Zealand and overseas, but construction workers need all the help they can get to manage their responsibilities.

Posted: Monday December 19, 2016

2016 Third place winners Chur

Ethan Fisher’s moment of Audacious inspiration came to him on a skifield.

Posted: Monday December 19, 2016

2016 was great!

With our new website and a record number of entries things are looking up for Audacious.

Posted: Friday November 11, 2016

Audacious Results 2016

University of Otago commerce students Sam Beattie and Henry Fitz-Gerald have won this year’s Audacious Student Business competition with a digital marketplace concept aimed at getting odd jobs done.

Posted: Monday October 10, 2016

With our Semester Two workshops just completed, our Polytech and University students are about to submit their entries for judging.

There are 160 students from a variety of disciplines signed up for information, so we are hoping for an excellent batch of business ideas this semester.

Posted: Tuesday August 16, 2016

Success comes in many forms, and developing a business is as much about the journey as it is making a profit.

That is what Jason Leong has found eight years after starting a company from a business plan presented at Audacious.

Posted: Wednesday August 10, 2016

Over 1000 schools worldwide are using a digital learning resource developed by an Audacious Challenge winner.

Education Perfect, based in Dunedin began as a language tool to help students with vocabulary retention, and has since expanded into English, maths and science modules. It’s fun, competitive effective, and supports key achievement standards.

Posted: Tuesday August 9, 2016

Anna Guenther believes luck is where opportunity meets preparation.

Anna is an entrepreneur, a participant in the Audacious Challenge, and founder and Chief Executive of PledgeMe, an innovative crowd funding platform.

Posted: Friday April 29, 2016

Logan Elliott leads an interesting life.

The University of Otago graduate runs several businesses – one that makes money out of fire and stilts. He also has a business supporting creatives to become entrepreneurs.

Posted: Friday April 29, 2016

Audacious 3rd Prizewinner 2015

What do you do when the “check engine” light comes on in your car? 

Posted: Wednesday April 27, 2016

Audacious Second Prize 2015

Around 25 children worldwide die every year as a result of Forgotten Baby Syndrome – a problem where a caregiver has forgotten they left a child left unsupervised in a car. 

Posted: Friday April 22, 2016

Audacious Top Prize 2015

Street lighting in New Zealand could be considerably cheaper to run, but the cost of LED bulbs is holding New Zealanders back from replacing their inefficient conventional bulbs.

Posted: Friday April 22, 2016

Starting a Social Enterprise – Dunedin

Ākina Foundation is coming to Dunedin on Wednesday 9 December, 1–4pm, running a workshop on starting a social enterprise. Find out more here and register online to attend.

Posted: Tuesday November 17, 2015

Showcase: Education Perfect

Craig originally created Language Perfect while at high school when he was struggling to learn his French and Japanese vocabulary. Craig and Shane entered Language Perfect in Audacious 2007 and took out the top prize.

Posted: Sunday November 8, 2015